Mu Waterfall, Hoa Binh 2 days 1 night

Thac Mu, Hoa Binh is a new place on the Vietnam tourist map, but by the same pristine beauty as the ‘Milky Way between the Truong Son Mountains’ every waterfall season, this place is always full of attraction. followers.It is not too far away from Hanoi so you can run straight by motorbike from Hanoi to the waterfall, but remember to take the initiative and arrange the time so that it is reasonable. With a distance of 130km, you only need to go 3 hours, a little more than 3 hours to arrive.

From Hanoi city center, drive along Nguyen Trai street towards Ha Dong to Ba La fork (toward Huong pagoda). You run to Te Tieu and Van Dinh and go to Ho Chi Minh Road. Then, from Ho Chi Minh Road, you run to the side of Cuc Phuong forest for a distance of 100km and then turn right for another 15km to reach Vu Ban town of Hoa Binh.

At this stage, Thac Mu is only about 20km away. You go to the center of Mu hamlet.

What time should Thac Mu travel?

At Thac Mu, the weather is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season.

+ Rainy season: The starting time is at the beginning of the summer season from May to September every year, this is also the best time to travel to Mu waterfall. At this time, many intense water flows are also the best time for you to avoid the hot and stuffy of Hanoi.

+ Dry season: The dry season of Thac Mu lasts from October to April of the following year. It is the time when Mu waterfall is covered by a cold climate, so it falls around the waterfall like a fog. Local people often do not like to visit the waterfall at this time because the weather and waterfalls are also low, but foreign tourists are the opposite.

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What to eat when traveling Mu Falls?

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